How long until I move into my dream home? It’s one of the first questions clients ask when we meet. Of course you’re excited to get going on the construction. Perhaps you can already picture your finished custom home. Unfortunately, the simple answer is that there is no simple answer to that question.

Every custom home is unique and building one is a detailed process that can take anywhere from eight months to over a year, depending on its size and complexity. The good news is that once Novera Homes has a thorough understanding of your plans, we will provide you with a realistic schedule before construction begins. That customized schedule allows you to plan for the future, knowing when every last detail will be finished. And of course, we communicate with you throughout the project to keep you updated on every aspect.

Here are few elements that can have a big impact on how long your custom home takes to complete:

Do you have a house design?

Having an architect and a custom-home plan in place means you’re one step closer to starting. We can study the design in detail and provide advice on the fine-tuning of the architectural drawings. (Sometimes just a few small refinements can add up to big savings.)

If you’re just beginning the process of designing your custom home, we can recommend an architect or designer based on your style and dream features. From here, it will take a minimum 6-8 weeks to finalize the design for your perfect property. During those two months, we’ll oversee a number of meetings with the architect to fine-tune the plans.

Do you have a lot?

If you have a lot ready to go, Novera Homes will ensure your dream design is properly situated and meets local bylaw requirements. Every site has unique challenges and opportunities and we’ll make sure your custom home takes full advantage of the site.

If you haven’t yet purchased a lot, we’ll be able to make recommendations based on your custom home design, which will need to fit your new property and meet zoning regulations.

Size matters.

Larger and more complex custom homes will take longer to construct. That’s okay! Because we work on only a handful of projects each year, we can dedicate ourselves to your dream home — that means that once we break ground, construction will proceed in a seamless manner. We will plan a timeline based on all of your parameters, then will work with the architects, designers, and skilled tradespeople to make certain that the construction of your custom home is done on time and on budget.

So does communication.

One of the best ways to stay on track with your home-building timeline is to communicate your needs and wants clearly from the start. Because Novera Homes consults with you closely through every stage of the design-and-build process, we’re confident when we present you with a construction timeline. Yes, quality takes time, but rest assured that your dream home will be completed in an efficient and timely manner.